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See and Be Seen

SanTan Village is a vibrant, open-air lifestyle hub that offers a dynamic fusion of retail, dining, and entertainment. This family-friendly destination invites you to explore a diverse collection of shops, savor culinary delights at a wide array of restaurants, and indulge in the excitement of entertainment options. Every visit promises new discoveries and memorable experiences at SanTan Village, where the community comes together to shop, dine, and revel in the joy of shared moments.

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Retail Therapy

SanTan Village offers an atmospheric shopping journey, featuring a mix of well-known brands such as Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, Apple, Coach, lululemon, and Athleta, alongside cherished local stores like Grace Records and Creations Boutique. Stroll through the open-air walkways adorned with murals and local art and discover a harmonious blend of global and community shopping experiences.

Flavors for All

SanTan Village is a culinary and entertainment destination in Arizona. Enjoy diverse dining from State 48 Brewery to SALT Tacos y Tequila, and family fun at Kids Empire and Slimeatory. Unwind with a movie at Harkins Theatres or explore the vibrant events. It’s a place for endless enjoyment.

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Explore SanTan Village

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Where your favorite eateries meet the warmth of Gilbert’s local hospitality.

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Where the delight of sunny strolls meets the thrill of discovering your favorite brands.

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This lifestyle center is activated all year long with signature events, open-air markets and seasonal celebrations.