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Gilbert is surrounded by multiuse trails, desert wildlife, unique experiences, and plenty of parks for the whole family to enjoy! Indulge in outdoor adventures by heading to Freestone Park to ride an antique carousel, test your fitness at Desert Sky Park, or catch some fish at Discovery Park.

Find plenty of fun spots the whole family will enjoy in Gilbert but if you need more help planning your trip – download Gilbert’s Visitor Guide.

Cactus Yards

Address: 4536 E. Elliot Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480)503-6640
Park Hours:
Batting Cages: Open Daily 9am – 9pm
Team Shop: Open Daily 9am – 9pm
Administrative hours (reservations, inquires, etc.): Monday – Friday from 9 am – 6 pm

Cactus Yards is the premier sports complex located in Gilbert. Whether you’re visiting Gilbert for a tournament or just looking to hit a few baseballs, you’ll find it at Cactus Yards. Recently renovated in 2019, Cactus Yards offers sports for all ages that includes soccer, softball, and kickball. Head to Cactus Yards to catch a game, dine at Sliders Sports Grill, or to check out the famous fields.

Park Amenities

  • 20,000 sq.ft. Fieldhouse
  • 8 famous replica fields
  • 8 coin-operated batting cages with various ball types and speeds
  • Playground protected by netting from foul balls
  • Stadium seating (each field has approximately 200 seats)
  • Sliders Sports Grill (located in two convenient locations inside Cactus Yards)

Cosmo Dog Park

Address: 2502 E Ray Road, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: (480) 503-6200
Park Hours:
Daily 5:30AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays)
Closed Tuesdays, 12:00PM – 10:00PM

Description: Cosmo Dog Park is a special oasis that has captured and celebrated the unique bond between dogs and humans. Every aspect of the story centers around Gilbert’s most famous K9 (and first police dog), Cosmo. The park is not only named after Cosmo, but it is inspired by her, our K9 team, and the kinship we have in Gilbert with our dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The park’s entire design is inspired by the free-spirited, devoted character that is the canine: lights are decorated with bright and colorful paw-print decor reminiscent of dog toys, and which use the sun to reflect the silhouette of paw prints surrounded by reds, greens, and blues on the walkways. 

Park Amenities

  • 1 Lake, Uses Reclaimed Water
  • Approximately 4 fenced acres
  • Separate Use areas for Active and Timid Dogs
  • Lighting for Night Use
  • Pet Drinking Fountains
  • 2 Dog Washing Stations
  • “Mutt-Mitt” Waste Disposal Stations
  • 1 Lighted Basketball Court
  • Various Benches, Bike Racks, and Multiuse/Equestrian trails
  • Drinking Fountain
  • 4 Reservable Ramadas with BBQ Grills
  • 1 (2) Table Open Area
  • 1 Restroom Facility
  • 1 Play Area
  • Trash Receptacles
  • 17 Acre Park

Crossroads Park

Address: 2155 E. Knox Road, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: (480) 503-6200
Park Hours:
5:30 AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays)
Dog Park Thursdays: 10:00AM – 10:00PM

Description: Crossroads Park was created for the sports fans! Filled with basketball & volleyball courts plus fields for soccer, baseball, and softball, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, Crossroads Park features ramadas with grills, a large lake, and a small dog park with 2 fenced areas separated for both active and timid dogs. Crossroads Park is also home to AZ Ice Gilbert, a family-friendly venue for ice activates such as indoor hockey, public ice skating, and more.

Park Amenities

  • 1 Lake Area (3.74 acres); Uses Reclaimed Water
  • 4 Lighted Ball Fields (2 youth/adult baseball, 1 adult baseball, 1 adult softball)
  • 2 Lighted Multiuse Fields
  • 1 Lighted Sand Volleyball Court
  • 1 lighted Half Basketball Court
  • One Amphitheater
  • 3 Lighted Full Soccer Fields with soccer goals
  • 3 Reservable Ramadas with BBQ Grills
  • 1 Restroom Facility
  • Shaded Play Structure
  • Various Benches, Bike Racks, Multiuse Trails
  • Dog park
  • Information Kiosk
  • Large Grassy Basin Area
  • 92 Acre park
  • Home of AZ Ice Gilbert

Desert Sky Park

Address: 6624 S. Power Road, Gilbert, AZ
Phone: (480) 503-6200
Park Hours:
5:30AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays)

Description: Are you looking for a fun and active spot to bring the family to in Gilbert? Head to Desert Sky Park for a fitness-centered recreation space that the whole family will enjoy. The park, which opened in 2019, includes multiuse fields, a fitness course, kids’ playground, ramadas, and a lake.

Park Amenities

  • 4 Multiuse Fields
  • Fitness Course
  • Lake
  • Kids Playground
  • Ramadas
  • Restroom Facilities

Discovery District Park

Address: 2214 E. Pecos Road, Gilbert, AZ 85297
Phone: (480) 503-6200
Park Hours:
5:30AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays)

Description: Are you in search of a spot to fish while in Gilbert? Head to Discovery Park where visitors will be able to utilize 2 ponds that are stocked as part of Gilbert’s community fishing program. In addition to the ponds, Discovery Park offers multiuse fields, basketball courts, sand volleyball pits, multiuse trails, and a small playground with a climbing rock.

Park Amenities

  • 2 Lakes stocked for fishing; Uses Reclaimed Water
  • 3 Lighted Multiuse Fields
  • 2 Multiuse Fields
  • 2 Lighted Sand Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Lighted Basketball Courts
  • 4 swings and a climbing rock Play Area
  • 8 Reservable Ramadas with BBQ Grills
  • 1 Restroom Facility
  • Butterfly garden
  • Learning path (self-directed play activities on paths)
  • Various Benches, Bike Racks & Multiuse/Equestrian Trails
  • Trash Receptacles
  • 48 Acre Park
  • 400 parking spots

Freestone Park

Address: 1045 E. Juniper Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480) 503-6200
Park Hours:
5:30AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays)
Skate Park Hours: 5:30AM – 9:00PM (not affected by holidays)
Maintenance: The Skate Park is closed the first Tuesday of every month for cleaning and maintenance.

Description: Are you looking for a unique park experience while in Gilbert? You’ll find it at Freestone Park, which includes a miniature train, antique carousel, and a mini Ferris wheel, plus Rip City batting cages. In addition to the fun attractions kids can enjoy at the park, visitors will also find softball fields, 2 multiuse fields, amphitheater, exercise facility for adult fitness, tennis courts, and skate park.

Park Amenities

  • 2 Lake Areas (Total 5 Acres); Uses Reclaimed Water
  • Lakes stocked for fishing
  • 4 Lighted Adult Softball Fields
  • 2 Multiuse Fields
  • 2 Lighted Sand Volleyball Courts (with water timers to cool the sand)
  • 4 Lighted Full Basketball Courts
  • 4 Lighted Tennis Courts
  • Freestone Recreation Center
  • Skate Park
  • Amphitheater
  • 3 Reservable Ramadas and 6 Shaded picnic tables and 7 Open Picnic Tables with BBQ Grills
  • 3 Restroom Facilities
  • 2 Checkerboards
  • 3 Playground areas (1 tot lot, 1 wheelchair accessible, 1 aged 5-12 years)
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Various Benches, Bike Racks, Multiuse Trails
  • Freestone Railroad – amusement rides, snack bar, birthday parties. Website:
  • Batting Cages
  • 472 parking spaces
  • 88 Acre Park

Gilbert Regional Park

Address: 3005 E. Queen Creek Road
Phone: (480) 503-6200
Park Hours:
5:30AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays)

Description: While visiting Gilbert, this park should be a stop for the whole family. Park visitors will enjoy the 17-foot iconic playground (The Mountain), a splash pad with 57 different water features (The Falls), and a tot playground for the tiniest park goers. Opening in September 2019, Gilbert Regional Park was created as an all ages and abilities park.

Park Amenities

  • A 17-foot tall iconic playground equipped with three levels of climbing features, multiple entrances, seven different slides, swings, and zip-line
  • 4,000-square-foot splash pad with 57 interactive water features served by a recirculating water treatment system that includes large splash buckets to smaller jets and sprays
  • A tiny tot playground

McQueen Park

Address: 510 N. Horne Street, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: (480) 503-6200
Park Hours:
5:30AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays)

Description: McQueen Park is a hot spot for kid’s activities.

Park Amenities

  • 2-acre Lake; Uses Reclaimed Water
  • 1 Lighted Youth/Adult Field
  • 4 Lighted Youth Baseball Fields
  • 3 Lighted Youth Softball Fields
  • 2 Multiuse Fields
  • 2 Lighted Sand Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Lighted Basketball Courts
  • 2 Lighted Tennis Courts
  • 1 Horseshoe Pit
  • 2 Tot Lot Play Areas
  • 12 Reservable Ramadas with BBQ Grills
  • 3 Restroom Facilities
  • 5 Drinking Fountains
  • Various Bike Racks and Multiuse Trail
  • 41 Acre Park
  • McQueen Park Activity Center

McQueen Park Activity Center Events

Description: Are you looking for fun activities for the kids while visiting Gilbert? Check out McQueen Park Activity Center that hosts fun kids’ activities on different days such as Wiggle Worm Adventures and Story Time Adventures with Bear. To participate in these events, view the McQueen Park Activity Center Events. In addition to the activity center, visitors will find youth ball fields, 2 multiuse trails, a 2-acre lake, and lakeside ramadas at McQueen Park.

Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

Address: 2757 E. Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480)503-6200
Park Hours:
5:30AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays), habitat area open dawn to dusk

Description: Discover the desert’s wildlife at Gilbert’s Riparian Preserve. Equipped with 4.5 miles of trails that are utilized by runners, hikers, bikers, horseback riders and dogs – there’s room for your activity! Throughout the year, fans of birdwatching could spot Reddish Egrets, Mallards, American White Pelicans and more while at the Riparian Preserve. If you’re looking to fish, Water Ranch Lake is stocked and ready to go, just be sure you have your fishing license and note that it’s catch-and-release only. For more information about educational events, spots to watch wildlife, and more at Discover Gilbert’s Riparian Preserve.

Park Amenities

  • Amphitheater
  • 2 Ramadas with grills
  • Unique children’s play area
  • Viewing Area
  • Walking Path
  • Lake
  • Fishing (must have license and Water Ranch Lake is catch-and-release only for bass and sunfish)
  • Habitat Island

Zanjero Park

Address: 3785 S. Lindsay Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85297
Phone: (480)503-6200
Park Hours:
6:00AM – 10:00PM (not affected by holidays), habitat area open dawn to dusk

Description: Explore Gilbert’s 20-acre Zanjero Park for horseback riding, walking along the multi-use trail that meets up with the San Tan Trail, or viewing the owls. One of Zanjero’s primary uses is for horseback riders as the park is equipped with hitching posts and water troughs. If you’re a bird watcher, Zanjero Park is home to a Burrowing Owl Habitat.

Park Amenities

  • Equestrian Trails
  • Multi-Use Trail
  • Water feature  
  • Horse-tie ups
  • Horse Drinking fountain
  • 5 Trailer parking spaces
  • 14 space parking lot
  • 2 Reservable Ramadas
  • No Restroom Facilities
  • 20 Acre Park
  • Burrowing Owl Habitat

Gilbert’s Parks

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